Our pasta is the purest, just flour and liquid.  Flat and shaped pastas are different.  Noodles come from Northern Italy, shapes are more common in the South.  They should be made from different flours, different liquids and go through different processes to become pasta.  



Flat pasta such as fettucine or tagliatelle originate in Northern Italy where “00” soft wheat flour dominates.  Mixed with egg or just yolks, these pasta are rich with a delicious “bite.”

Regular $7.95    Infused $8.95     Alternative $9.95




Different flour, different liquid- just spring water!

These shaped pastas- penne, radiatori, fusilli, campanelle, etc.- are made with Durum wheat semolina flour and spring water.  A die determines what shaped is being extruded- like a Play Doh Fun Factory on steroids!

Plain- $7.95              Flavors- $8.95            Alternative Flour- $9.95


But what about?

Yup, some pastas are a blend of flours and liquids and the extruder is used to do what no other process will produce, such as vermicelli and bucatini.  We have all that stuff, too!





Our Raviolis are square or half moon shaped stuffed pastas.  At Pasta Lab we fill our raviolis with the finest and unique fillings.


Cheese                                           $12.95

Chicken and Tasso                       $14.95

Crawfish Ettouffe and Tasso       $17.95

Shrimp                                           $15.95

Butternut Squash                         $15.95

Mixed Mushroom                         $14.95

Lobster                                          Market Price



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The focus of Pasta Lab is indeed pasta.  Fresh and dry, flat and shaped, flour, water and egg.  Maybe some fresh herbs, or a little tomato, or spinach, or hickory smoke.  Pasta.